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Increase the effectiveness of Social and Development Programs through High Quality Certifications and Trainings


Develop Specialized Humanitarian Program Managers through High Technology Classes with the Best Methodology in the World


Strategic Social Projects attend more Beneficiaries and pursue Biger Social Change with Less Resources. It is Possible to do More and Better.

Master Umanitar GP Agile

The Training
  • Master Umanitar GP Agile

    From 10 to 30 students per class
    International Certification Test Included

    From an adaptation of the PMBOOK, Prince, Six Sigma, Scrum, and Kambam methodologies, Umanitar developed the Master Umanitar GP Agile…

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The Most Complete Social Certification
The only one with Agile Method

46 hours of Teaching
23 Exclusive Dashboards
42 Management Tools
Live Classes on Saturdays
Post-Class Recordings available
Global Network
International Certification

Umanitar Teaching Method

Hands On All the Time

Most of the knowledge will be developed in class by students and their groups, who will work and develop real projects in virtual rooms with the coordination of our teachers.

Students will form up to 6 groups in each class, where they will choose a project to work on dashboards provided by Umanitar.

Students must learn by doing, correcting and bringing ideas to improve each other’s projects.

The class is live and active all the time. We provoke, play, bring real examples, work on students cases and use your real life and projects to transform theory in real learn.

Introduction (5 days):

During the first week of all our courses, students will have access to the student area where they will find introductory videos with class material, presentation of the Teacher, access to the class Network group and tasks to start getting used to the operation of the Course and the Umanitar Method. It is also the time to interact and meet your classmates in the group’s exclusive Whatsapp.

Closing (last class):

In addition to the introductory week, live classes, exercises and games, all courses have a Closing Class for Review, Questions and for students to do the Full Test Simulation commented with the teacher. The Closing takes place on the last Saturday of class and is a time to compile all knowledge.

Recorded classes (after-class):

In addition to live classes where students actively participate with their classmates, developing projects and interacting with the teacher, Umanitar also provides the opportunity for students to review classes or watch it for the first time if they have lost any content. The recordings will be available every Monday to all student and remain available up to 2 weeks after the last class.


Our Method

Our Training develop professionals with high level of technical knowledge to deliver increasingly efficient and effective development programs at all levels: to the community, the stakeholders, the investors and the Government.

Our certification brings 42 tested tools to help the work of humanitarian leaders. There are tools for each phase of the project: ideation, planning, execution and transition. All of them fulfilling the needs the social programs have, adpted to the sensitive scenarium of this type of work. 

Become a Global Humanitarian Program Manager with the higher specialization of the development sector.

Become a Master Umanitar.


And Clients

In Company and Mentorships

In Company


Our In Company trainings can be totaly shaped and adapted to your company/organization needs. Grade, exemples, time of class, hours, teatcher’s profile and a lot more.

Umanitar will work with you to build a course that attends exactly what your group and organization need.



Companies, Organizations and Individuals can also hire hours of mentorship from our teatchers to help your team to implement the methods on your project.

Our mentor will be able to help with the implementation, correct spreadsheets, point out improvements and make diagnoses.

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